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Spirits on Bourbon and Turtle Bay giving Supplies to help Flood Victims.

With all the flooding roaring through Louisiana, Spirits on Bourbon  and Turtle Bay has joined the New Orleans  convention and visitors bureau  to help the victims of this natural Disaster.  
Spirits on Bourbon  has donated two truck loads of water and some clothing to help  

  their fellow louisianiansto get through this time of need.  
They looking for Non-Perishable Food Items. Needed food items include: canned vegetables, fruit, and meats (tuna and chicken), soups, stews, beans and chili. Peanut butter, pasta, rice, breakfast cereal, shelf-stable milk. Highly nutritious items such as protein bars, Ensure and PediaSure are also needed.  

  They are asking for Bottled Water and prefer in palettes of twenty four. Personal Toiletries and Cleaning Supplies are especially important. The loading dock at the New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau  

 is accepting donations from anyone beginning at 4:00 pm Monday, August, 15th, 2016. Spirits on Bourbon and Turtle Bay  hope to continue to help out. If you would like to make a donation drop it off and we will deliver it for you!

Spirits on Bourbon Gator Balls Recipe 


                       Spirits on Bourbon          

                     GATOR POPPER MIX. 


 ​​​5 lbs. of gator sausage 

​​​½ cup of minced jalapeno

​​​1 cup of sliced green onions

​​​2 cups of cheddar cheese

​​​2 cups of mozzarella cheese

​​​4 whole eggs

​​​1 cup of panko bread crumbs








1. Read recipe completely. Do not take short cuts – think QUALITY.

2. Gather all ingredients and utensils in a clean workstation.

3. Skin and mince gator sausage, place in large mixing bowl. Add all other ingredients and mix well

4. Place mix in gallon zip lock bags, label, date, 

5. refrigeration.
6. When you are ready to cook you will need:

Flour, beaten eggs and panko bread crumbs in separate containers.

Oil for frying. 

7. Form gator mix into 1 ounce balls.

8. Coat in flour, dip in eggs then roll in panko bread crumbs. 

9. Fry in hot oil until golden brown.


Spirit’s list of The Ten Things You Will See on Bourbon St. During Mardi Gras Season

Spirit’s ListIt’s that time of year again! The Carnival season has descended upon New Orleans and the French Quarter is alive with music and parties. Colorful gem colored masks and glitter painted faces turn the corners in search of the best places to enjoy a drink. Artwork, history, beautiful architecture and jazz infused music all overwhelm the senses of the incoming tourists. So with so much beauty and art, what else can our visitors expect to see this Carnival season? Well, the locals here know what is coming. There are some…uhum…interesting things….one will see and experience any time Mardi Gras comes around. Time to kick off Spirit’s list of The Ten Things You Will See on Bourbon St. During Mardi Gras Season, and Why You Should Hide Away with Us at Spirits!

1: Pirates- Lafitte apparently left a few of his ancestors here, and during events they come out on Bourbon St. in hopes their stylish attire will earn money. So much better than the whole pirating for money, i’d say. 

 2: The Devil and his minions- Religions seem to favor Bourbon St., the devil frequently visits and drinks around here. My favorite version of him is the Red Devil, he looks kind of like a rockstar with a trendy hat. Have a drink with the devil around here, it may be fun. 

 3: The giant cross people- “Who will save your soul?” (Jewel singing, course). So we have people who come to Bourbon St. that try to save your evil party loving little souls, and they bring a giant white cross and spout verses at passersby tourists. 

 4: Mardi Gras Trees:- and here we have species beedus trees, or locally known as bead trees… trees so covered by parade throws it actually looks like the tree opted for the bright shiny strands instead of leaves. They are rare and only found here in our beloved state. 

 5: Naked people- All of you people knew this one was coming. I said people, take notice, because you see more than nice boobs whether you like it or not. Shirtless beer bellies, butts, etc. Exhibitionism is a common theme during Mardi Gras, poor poor locals… 

 6: Cougars(as in the older women) hunting Channing Tatum- So my coworker who once worked at a certain restaurant around here you could all guess at once told me that during Carnival there are a lot of middle aged women who seem to think they have a chance of meeting Tatum and um…being a part of his agenda? How can I even say that without laughing? I can’t, it’s hilarious. Here is some advice for the Cougars coming to the Quarter in hopes of meeting him, get drunk, really really drunk, and find a guy and pretend it’s him. It probably won’t happen for you otherwise lol. 

 7: Statue People- These are the people painted head to toe and pose for long extended periods long enough to frighten and impress you. Then they move and scare unsuspecting children that don’t realize it’s not a living statue. My son once screamed bloody murder at a silver painted one around Jackson Square. 

 8: Ghosts and Vampires- We are haunted, duh! This is a very old city with a colorful history. I like to think that the parties are so great here the dead just stick around and wait to attend the next. I don’t know why we have Vampires, I suspect Anne Rice brought them, though… 

 9: Clever homeless people: It’s weird, i’m a bleeding heart and want to help everyone so I at least give two dollars away every time i’m in the Quarter to someone in need. Around here though, creativity can mean money for those unfortunates. You can’t help but smile when you see a sign saying, “Rent a Bum” and the man is grinning at you. A constant reminder to smile even in the worst of times. 

 10: Psychics- The force is strong here, and the local psychics absorb it all and use it to look into your futures and tell you things you desire to know. Everytime I think of local psychics I think of Dr. Facilier from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog singing his song “Friends on the Other Side.” 

 So there is the list, and when you need a drink from seeing it all, well, you know, we have really good ones here at Spirits!  

Posted by Dawn Lodrique


“Bar Rescue” Executive Producer and Host Jon Taffer Returning to Spirits on Bourbon April 18 for Book Signing

Bar Rescue executive producer and nightlife expert Jon Taffer

Bar Rescue executive producer and nightlife expert Jon Taffer. Photo Courtesy of Taffer Media.

He came when we needed him the most and left us in good spirits a little over a year ago, but now “Bar Rescue” executive producer and our good friend Jon Taffer is returning to Spirits on Bourbon, Home of the Resurrection on April 18.

This time Jon will meet with fans and sign copies of his new book, “Raise the Bar: An Action-Based Method for Maximum Customer Reactions” from 7:30-9:30 p.m.

As many fans may recall, we first met up with Jon on the February 10, 2013 episode Spike TV’s Bar Rescue, “Turtle On Its Back“, where Taffer and crew transformed our bar from its former name, Turtle Bay on Bourbon, to the bar’s current name and look.

Jon changed everything for us; from the appearance and dynamics of the bar, to the menu and even devised a new specialty drink: the Resurrection. Most importantly, he changed our perspectives on how to properly run a successful bar on Bourbon Street, and for that we cannot thank him enough.

Jon applies his 30-plus years of experience in the bar industry to his own method for increasing revenues. His method, also known as Reaction Management, is based on customer reactions.

In the book Jon writes: “My overarching philosophy is this: all successful business is about creating the right reactions in customers. The best reactions always make the most money.”

The book is filled with great advice for anybody in the industry who aspires to be successful: from owner, manager and even the employee. You can read about it, and much more, in his new book.

For Co-owner Brad Bohannan, having Taffer back at Spirits is like having an old friend back in town. He believes that Taffer’s presence in New Orleans not only attracted more business to the bar, but has also positively impacted the city’s tourism industry.

“We are honored to welcome Jon Taffer back to New Orleans,” Bohannan says. “He not only enjoys our city but has had a hand in promoting our tourism. This will be a huge event and we encourage everyone to come out and meet Jon and support his book which I believe is an industry necessity.”

The event is open to the public with no requirement to purchase his book. There will also be a reception for media from 7:00-7:30 p.m.

Jon’s new book retails for $26 and we have it on sale at Spirits. It gets better: we will give a free Resurrection cocktail for every book purchase (a $15 value).

Join us for a night with Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer. Get a book, get it signed, meet with Jon, have a Resurrection and maybe even get a shot in Edward’s Barber Chair too. It’s going to be a great time.

For more information on the event, contact Taffer Media Director of Marketing and Communications Jeana Legarda at 702-826-3993, 702-285-1661 or jeana@taffermedia.com.

To get all of the latest news on Jon Taffer, follow him on Twitter @jontaffer.

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