Chef Rob Soper adds his flair to Spirits on Bourbon’s Kitchen

Nothing in Spirits lacks magic and the food is no different. Chef Rob Soper infuses his brand of comfort food magic into the menu offering treats that balance well with the bar’s famous specialty drinks.         Hard work and love of food are part of the menu. Starting in 1980 as a dishwasher of a local restaurant, and acquired the skills that eventually made him a standout chef. Spirit’s menu has been reinvented by Chef Rob with a vision of comfort food meets wild nights of Bourbon.

 Today’s  Menu of comfort foods offer signatures such as are Fried Mac and Cheese with Crawfish Cream Sauce,  

 Alligator Poppers and Cheesy Bacon Bombs along with American favorites such as a Half Pound Hamburger and a Grilled Chicken Sandwich. As any good local restaurant in NOLA we are rather proud of our gumbo here as well. To end on a sweeter note try Chef Rob’s Bread Pudding! 

 Chef Rob has a soft spot for Italian food so personal favorites for him are dishes like baked ziti or lasagna. As for me I have requested a southern favorite, I wish for a Spirit’s Banana Foster. I can dream, right? Either way you have to visit Spirits to see what Chef Rob has in store for us!

Posted by Dawn Lodrique

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