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Spirits on Bourbons Barber Beer Recipe!

We have people ask us about the Barber Beer all the time and want to know where it came from and how it’s made. We thought we would share the recipe and the story with you!  
My wife has a love for Red Cream soda and a hate of strong alcohol. So I tried several combinations until I sound a recipe that would be a quality drink without the alcohol taste while still using red cream soda as the mixer (which is hardly ever used). This is not only what we came up with…but scored me major points with my wife!

Barber Beer Recipe:
16 oz glass
1.5 oz. Vanilla flavored vodka
1 oz. Root Beer Schnapps
Barqs Red Cream Soda
Heavy Cream 

 First, fill the 16oz glass half full with ice. Then add 1.5 oz of vanilla flavored vodka and 1 oz of Root Beer Schnapps. The fill the remainder of the glass with room temperature Barg’s Red Cream soda, stopping one inch from the top. Finally, add a generous amount of heavy cream. Of course, the best way to enjoy a Barber Beer is while watching the dueling pianos at Spirits on Bourbon