Spirits on Bourbon will be featured on Spike Tvs, Bar Rescue, Back to the Bar August 2nd

Bar Rescue heads “Back To The Bar” to visit with Spirits on Bourbon owners Brad Bohannan and Steve Smith!     


Taffer is taking a look into the progress and failures of Spirits on Bourbon.  You will get to see some never before seen footage and some behind the scene actions of Spirits on Bourbon.   

    “We felt lucky and honored that Jon Taffer thought enough of us to ask us to be apart of this special episode,” said Brad Bohannan.  This episode touts to feature the most stubborn owners and we will get to see if Jon Taffer think Spirits has failed or succeeded.  “Me and Jon got off to a rough start in the first episode but I’m happy that he has been a continues supporter of us and our business,” said Steve Smith.  I think you will see some surprise guest and a honest look at Spirits on Bourbon after Bar Rescue.  

  Join us August 2nd in the Courtyard at 8:00 PM for a Watch Party!

Spirits Behind The Scenes

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to own a bar? What about a bar in the famous French Quarter, New Orleans? Better yet, a Bourbon St bar that waIMG_2712.JPGs featured on SpikeTVs hit series Bar Rescue? We know you have. Here is your chance to get a behind the scenes look atimage imageIMG_2761-0.jpgthe daily operations of Spirits on Bourbon and its sister bar, Turtle Bay on Decatur St. Maybe you are thinking of buying a bar and want to see what it’s like. Maybe you already own, operate, or work at a bar/grill and need some tips, advice, or feedback. You’ve  come to the right place. We want this to be interactive.

We will do this for a little while as a trial run. We are open to all questions, suggestions, and  input you may have. Who knows? Maybe this blog will turn into a leading industry resource or maybe we will write it two more times and give up. At least, maybe we can make it a somewhat entertaining look behind the scenes of a Bourbon St bar.

I’ll get you up to speed real quick on the last week or so and we’ll start from there. Woodard Events put on a convention for Intuit Quickbooks professionals. Jon Taffer was one of the keynote speakers, along with “Catch me if you can” Frank Abignale. The convention had a corporate happy hour and rented out the bar on Monday Night. On Tuesday, Taffer spoke solo and Brad and I followed on stage with a panel discussion about small business and our experience on Bar Rescue. There were a couple thousand people in attendance. I never thought I’d be speaking in front of a couple thousand accountants so it  was a real thrill. Brad is always reaching for the stars so this may have been his plan for us all along, not really sure.

After our panel discussion we got to take pics and talk to some of the folks at the convention. It was a lot of fun. Meanwhile, Tuesday Night we had another party in the Spirits courtyard. This time it was for Edtrainingcenter, a teacher training website. The parties Monday and Tuesday went off without a hitch and we had a ton of great feedback from both.

With all the special events in New Orleans: Super Bowls, New Years, Sugar Bowls, Mardi Gras, etc, I hadn’t been as nervous about a party  as I was on Monday Night in a long time. I knew I’d be speaking in from of all the attendees the next day and with Jon Taffer there as well. Talk about pressure. Those few days went over great and I was real proud of our staff. I think they did a great job at the events. Trust me, if we continue this blog you won’t hear praise about the staff all the time but for these events they did great! Then, over the weekend, we had the Very Bad Santa Half Way to Christmas Pub Crawl.


This weekend coming up is of course the 4th of July. There will be fireworks on the river Saturday. Also, beginning Thursday Night and going through Sunday Night is the Essence Festival. Headlining this year’s Essence Fest is comedian Kevin Hart and singer, Usher. So we have to get geared up for the events this weekend.

We are in the process of really tightening up our inventory and ordering processes. Today we completely cleaned out our liquor room at Turtle Bay. Labeling every shelf and counting the bottles. Organization is just the first step to inventory control but it is very important. Everything must have a place to go.

We are trying to get everything as organized as possible since I’m going on vacation next week!!! Cruise with the family. But it usually does mean a few more things for me to do in order to get out of here for a while. It’s a lot easier with Brad staying in town. When we leave for an event together that is when it is most difficult.

Some employee issues for the weekend:

1. FIND OUT WHO IS STEALING  TSHIRTS! One of our employees is stealing tshirts and leaving dirty ones laying around the bar. We have it narrowed down but like to catch them red handed.

2. See what is the deal with one of our cooks! Our cook left the other night after closing with everything laying out. Kitchen wasn’t clean, things weren’t put away, etc. just ran out the door at closing time. Have to check and see if he was drunk or on drugs. He acted like he had no idea he did it when we say him the next morning but looked like he had been on an all night bender.

Ok. There you have it. This will be a little different than our regular events blog. We are open to any and all feedback you may have about this and we are here to answer any questions you may have.




Very Bad Santa, Half Way to Christmas Pub Crawl.

No, you weren’t drinking too much Saturday when you saw all the Santa Claus’ and his bad Elves roaming Bourbon Street.  

  It was the Very Bad Santa…Halfway to Christmas Pub Crawl! In fact, every December you will see the French Quarter filled with very bad Santa’s and His very bad helpers. The event has grown so much that people couldn’t wait until December so now they do a Hal-Way to Christmas Pub Crawl to hold everyone over. They stopped at Spirits on Bourbon  and had some great drinks and took a few spins in the Barber chair. 

  “Watching the people’s faces and all the Santa’s coming rolling in always makes me smile!” says Brad Bohannan. After hitting the Quarter and enjoying many cocktails and being ‘very naughty,’ the group ended up at Turtle Bay and enjoyed some of the great food.  

  “We look forward to the Very Bad Pub Crawl and are happy to have them and are excited to have them in July now also,” said Steve Smith. So if you are lucky enough to get put on the naughty list this year, come join the Pub Crawl this December!n You will have so much fun you may never be good boy or girl again!


Speaking at The Intuit Quickbooks Conference

Spirts On Bourbon was lucky enough to host the corporate function for Scaling New Heights Conference on Monday night! By all accounts it was with great success.  

  Spirits welcomed the capacity crowd with food, entertainment and drinks for all tastes.   

  On Tuesday night, we were were honored to be invited to speak at the Intuit Quickbooks conference along with Jon Taffer and Joe Woodward.  

  We advised the group of over over 1000 ProAdvisors on our thoughts as to what would help them better understand the struggles their clients face every day. We are also going to be working with Revel Systems to help test and modify a new POS system for Spirits on Bourbon.  

  We look forward to coming back next year to the Scaling New Heights conference and tell you all about our experience with this new POS System. Thanks for including us Intuit!

The GoldMan is Alive

Last week there were reports that the Gold Man, a French Quarter staple, was killed in a bicycle accident.    

  They even painted the trashcan he sits on Gold in tribute to him.   

 But to everyone’s surprise, the Gold Man showed up today to make a few bucks!  He said it was to pay for some medicine he needed due to an unrelated event.   

 So next time you are leaving Spirits on Bourbon, swing by the Gold Man and show him some love!  


Who Makes the best Pizza?  Vote for Turtle Bay in the pizza contest.

The Times Picayune is planning to settle who has the Best Pizza in New Orleans!   

 We sure are proud of the pizza at  Turtle Bay and  love for you to vote for us. So if you like Turtle Bays pizza, then give us a  Vote on your computer, iPhone or IPad…or all three!  Then come grab a pie at Turtle Bay!  


Mayweather Pacquiao Fight

It was billed as the fight of the century, as undefeated Floyd Mayweather took on top contender Manny Pacquiao Saturday night, May 2nd 

 Many will argue the fight didn’t live up to the hype, but one thing is for sure,  Spirits on Bourbon was the unanimous decision as best place to watch the fight.

Patrons gladly paid the $25 cover charge to watch the title bout at Spirits. The energy and excitement inside Spirits rivaled that of the MGM Grand as the fight approached. 

  Spirits was filled from the front door to the courtyard with a standing room only crowd  

 that included NFL stars Golden Tate and Fred McAfee. “The crowd has been great, and the addition of the NFL players makes Spirits the best place to watch the fight this side of Vegas”, said coowner Brad Bohannan 


As the fight grew closer, bar management was forced to deny entrance to any new patrons. Coowner Steve Smith explained, “We were at absolute full capacity. For the safety of our customers, staff, and per the fire marshal we couldn’t let anyone else through the doors. We must have turned away over 300 people.” That didn’t stop huge crowds from growing on Bourbon St. to peek through the doors and windows trying to get a glimpse of the action. The mob outside rivaled that of a Mardi Gras crowd. 


  management decided two weeks prior to the fight to delay its nightly Dueling Piano show and drop down the 10ft big screen to show the huge Pay Per View event.  “We were getting calls up to a month in advance, inquiring about the fight.  Mass appeal events like this don’t come around too often” said Bohannan. With its huge TV on stage, 8 high definition Tvsinside, and 3 more in the courtyard, Spirits can easily transform from live music venue to sports bar and back for such a special event. 

When the night was over, the judges awarded Mayweather the win. It was another great night at Spirits on Bourbon.


Spirits on Bourbons Barber Beer Recipe!

We have people ask us about the Barber Beer all the time and want to know where it came from and how it’s made. We thought we would share the recipe and the story with you!  
My wife has a love for Red Cream soda and a hate of strong alcohol. So I tried several combinations until I sound a recipe that would be a quality drink without the alcohol taste while still using red cream soda as the mixer (which is hardly ever used). This is not only what we came up with…but scored me major points with my wife!

Barber Beer Recipe:
16 oz glass
1.5 oz. Vanilla flavored vodka
1 oz. Root Beer Schnapps
Barqs Red Cream Soda
Heavy Cream 

 First, fill the 16oz glass half full with ice. Then add 1.5 oz of vanilla flavored vodka and 1 oz of Root Beer Schnapps. The fill the remainder of the glass with room temperature Barg’s Red Cream soda, stopping one inch from the top. Finally, add a generous amount of heavy cream. Of course, the best way to enjoy a Barber Beer is while watching the dueling pianos at Spirits on Bourbon

Vh1 was filming a new dating show at Spirits on Bourbon

VH1 was filming a new show called ‘She’s Got Game’ starring Jayceon Taylor (who is aptly nicknamed “The Game”) at Spirits on Bourbon.  

  The premise of the show is that the platinum selling artist sets out to find love with the help of his Celebrity friends.  

 The show is slated to air in the Summer of 2015. We will keep you posted for the air date that features Spirits on Bourbon. 

  We are always excited when we having filming at Sprits on Bourbon and love watching Spirits featured on TV! We hope we are fortunate enough that they keep using our location!